Maria M. DeStefano
Legal Nurse Consultant

Maria joined Henn Lesperance PLC as a Legal Nurse Consultant in July 2018. Maria has over 20 years of experience as a nurse in a variety of areas including Emergency Room, Pediatric Intensive Care, Neonatal Intensive Care, and Pediatrics. In addition, she has more than seven years of nurse paralegal experience in medical malpractice litigation.

Maria first embarked on this blended career path when she served as a nurse expert and found this unique field was the professional niche for which she had been searching. The combination of her health care experience, strong analytical skills, and attention to detail allows her to provide thorough medical-legal analysis while at the same time simplifying the medical complexity.

As a registered nurse, she is a natural advocate for healthcare providers and works diligently to provide clients with a strong defense supported by medical records, medical literature, and highly qualified experts.

In her free time, Maria enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband and three children. All five are avid hockey fans, and as a native of Pittsburgh, she loves going to Penguins hockey games when visiting her two daughters attending universities in the city.


Phone: (616) 551-1611
Fax: (616) 323-3658


BSN, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 1991 (summa cum laude)