Barbara M. Despres
Litigation Paralegal

With a passion for law and procedure, Barbara graduated with a BA in Criminal Justice from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2018. After graduating, she moved home to Grand Rapids, Michigan and began her career in civil litigation.

Leveraging technology to maximize productivity she was able to prepare over 2,000 civil lawsuits per month. Throughout this process, she was able to master procedures, optimize a workflow, and obtain a working knowledge of a wide variety of legal practices. Following the calls of a fascination with the intersection of medicine and law, she joined Henn Lesperance in June of 2021. Barbara now serves as our Medical Malpractice Defense Litigation Paralegal.

In her free time, Barbara enjoys intense crime dramas and skiing with her friends during cold winters. On hot sunny Michigan summer days, she is out riding jet skis or kayaking. In between, she cares for her loving dog Henry, a young and mischievous golden retriever that steals food at any chance he gets.


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