We know our clients hire people, not law firm names. That’s why we have taken great care to surround ourselves with the best possible people.

Our clients know us as a tight-knit group that works incessantly toward a single goal in each case: getting the best possible result, whether that is early evaluation with a favorable/efficient settlement, involuntary dismissal following a motion for summary disposition based in fact or law, or successfully defending a case through trial and any resulting appeals. And perhaps more importantly, our opponents know this, too – that when Henn Lesperance appears for the defense there will be no “smash and grab” settlements of cases lacking merit (i.e., frivolous cases). Simply put, we vigorously defend our clients like you are our family.

Founded in May 2013 with only two attorneys and a paralegal, we are extremely proud of both the character and quality of the current Henn Lesperance team, which includes: